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Freddie Roach Talks Georges St-Pierre

Legendary boxing trainer Freddie Roach has been training Georges St Pierre on and off for many years. The Wild Card gym head coach was also instrumental in discussions between the UFC and St Pierre. which paved the way for his return from a four-year hiatus.

Now as the French Canadian gets set to once again sep back inside the octagon. Facing the middleweight champion Michael Bisping for the 185lb belt. Roach discusses where St Pierre is at in terms of his preparation for the big fight.

Moving up from 170lbs to middleweight to fight a bigger man in itself has issues. Georges has had to bulk up in order to compete in the weight class. Something he has been working toward in the subsequent months.

GSP Is Ready For The Fight

Now Roach feels that he is ready to go, looking sharp and coming along nicely. He feels that in this fight the difference will be George athleticism against the bigger Bisping. Who although is a very tough opponent. Doesn’t possess the same athletic prowess as the former undisputed welterweight champion.

For this particular camp, Roach will be splitting his time between the Wild Card gym. And training St Pierre at Tristar in his home city of Montreal. Another first will be seeing Roach in his corner for the boxing coaches first time cornering a UFC fight. Seeing the legendary trainer at an MMA event will itself be quite the spectacle for fight fans. Showing us the close connections between the two combat sports.

Roach also talks about the differences between the sports. And how MMA athletes should stick to what they are good at. Giving the example of Ronda Rousey, who believed when she was told that she was a great boxer. If she had stuck to what she was good at, the thing may have turned out quite differently.

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