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Ungloved: Frank Shamrock vs. Nick Diaz in Two Parts

Frank Shamrock vs. Nick Diaz Strikeforce Ungloved

Ungloved Frank Shamrock vs Nick Diaz follows behind the scenes in one of the most interesting fights during the Strikeforce era. As TheLegend Frank Shamrock faced off against the fast-rising star that was Nick Diaz. The sequence of footage lurches between the opening pre-fight weigh-ins.

Where Diaz tries to engage his veteran opponent in some impromptu mind games. Then quickly cut to the post-fight behind the scenes interactions between the two. And Diaz, accompanied by his younger brother Nate Diaz, is all but apologetic for his defeat of the ageing Shamrock inside the cage.

Next up we get to see a happy and content Shamrock who reminisces about how good he felt going into the bout. During the backstage preparation both him and his team were in great spirits. Believing that the fight ahead was one they would win.

Post Fight Backstage

In the post-fight analysis Frank makes the point that when it was time for his body to move into that next gear, it just wasn’t there! Where normally that extra dimension to his game was evident, he now lacked. Still, jovial Frank is humble in defeat and is at the end of the day, okay with the result of the contest.

It truly did feel like one of those fights where the torch was passed from one generation to the next in the sport. They come along every once in a while, kinda like London buses. I.e in groups. And in this instance, it was one of the former. Of course, Nick Diaz would go on to much bigger things in the Ultimate Fighting Championships.

While it would be in fact the last time we would see the Legend that is Frank Shamrock inside the cage. Join us as we remember some of the defining moments that shaped the sport of Mixed Martial Arts as we know it today. With some truly enthralling behind the scenes storyline of Shamrock vs Diaz 2009.

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