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UFC, MMA Fighting & Combat Sports Lifestyle

Francis NGannou: The (F)uture is (N)ow

A Francis Ngannou Breakdown video

MMA analyst Brendan Dorman who has now gota large following online for his fight and fighter breakdowns. Reckons he had to do a quick study on the Predator Francis Ngannou, who is currently fighting in the UFC heavyweight division. To date NGannou has been on a tear, knocking out most of his opponents in devastating fashion. Is he the next fighter to challenger Stipe miocic for the UFC heavyweight championship?

Well, the man from Cameroon via Paris France is a fighter on the rise. Already having blown through some of the sports biggest names, his eyes are firmly set on the division title belt. And right now that is in the hands of one man, Croatian American Stipe Miocic. So in order for Francis NGannou to be crowned the worlds best heavyweight, he will need to deal with the boxing and wrestling of the man from Colorado.

Let’s go inside this breakdown with the man himself Brendan Dorman. As he analyses that punch which sent Alistair Overeem home packing! Ending his night in devastating fashion.

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