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Francis NGannou’s Striking Coach Dewey Cooper “He’s an Enigma”

Striking coach Dewey Cooper discusses one of his current proteges, UFC heavyweight top contender Francis NGannou. Cooper discusses the perceived differences between the punching power of a boxer, versus that of an MMA fighter. Something which he says was proven during the Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor fight. When he received all kinds of attacks online, after saying Floyd could hit harder than Conor. Regardless of the size difference.

Now he is helping get man-mountain Francis NGannou ready for his title challenge at UFC 220. Against the reigning defending heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic. And when asked about the punching power of NGannou. Cooper is quick to tell us that Francis, unlike most MMA fighters can punch like a true heavyweight boxer.

Having worked with several heavyweights throughout his career. Dewey says that NGannou is special in terms of athletic ability, size and punching power. Hitting hard with either hand, uppercuts, his overhand right and so on. He’s a real danger and he has real punching power.

Stipe Miocic in Boxing

He compares Stipe Miocic in terms of MMA, saying that although he is a well rounded MMA fighter. He gets hit too much. With good kicks, plus he’s one hell of a wrestler. But if he went into boxing he wouldn’t have much success.

Adding, that if other fighters are not already scared of NGannou before they step into the cage, they will be soon. He expects him to carry on his tear knocking guys out. He’s getting better each week and already has the confidence of a real veteran. Not being apprehensive at all when it’s fight time. He is sure what he is going to do and he goes out and executes the gameplan.

Francis NGannou faces Stipe Miocic at UFC 220, January 20th from Boston, Massachusetts for the UFC heavyweight title.

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