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Francis Ngannou Joins Professional Fighters League: A New Chapter Begins

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Former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou has recently made a significant move in his fighting career, joining the Professional Fighters League (PFL) and preparing for his debut in early 2024. This decision comes after Ngannou’s departure from the UFC earlier this year due to contract disputes. The Cameroonian fighter has been linked to potential boxing matches, but he has chosen to focus exclusively on the PFL’s pay-per-view super fight division. Ngannou’s involvement in PFL Africa as chairman and equity owner further demonstrates his commitment to developing the sport on the continent.


The PFL’s Support for Ngannou’s Boxing Ambitions

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While focusing on the PFL, Ngannou has expressed a desire to explore opportunities in the world of boxing. The PFL’s support for his ambitions and their willingness to allow him to pursue boxing matches against notable opponents such as Anthony Joshua, Deontay Wilder, and Dillian Whyte. The partnership between Ngannou and the PFL signifies a strategic alliance that goes beyond just an athlete signing, emphasizing their shared vision for growth and success.


Ngannou’s Remarkable Journey and UFC Friction

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Ngannou’s journey to the top of the MMA world has been nothing short of extraordinary. His impressive six-fight winning streak, including his victory over Stipe Miocic to capture the UFC heavyweight title and subsequent successful title defense. However, his relationship with the UFC became strained, resulting in his departure from the organization. 

The PFL has garnered attention by signing renowned fighters from various combat sports disciplines. The organization’s track record of bringing in stars such as Jake Paul and Claressa Shields. The recent addition of Cedric Doumbe, a former kickboxing world champion, further emphasizes the PFL’s commitment to attracting top talent. With a focus on expanding internationally and launching their pay-per-view business, the PFL aims to become a major global stage for fighters seeking new opportunities.

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Francis Ngannou’s decision to join the Professional Fighters League marks a new chapter in his illustrious career. By aligning himself with the PFL, Ngannou not only looks forward to competing in the pay-per-view super fight division but also takes on the responsibility of promoting MMA in Africa as Chairman of PFL Africa. With the PFL’s support for his boxing ambitions and their strategic partnership, Ngannou’s journey promises to be a thrilling one, shaping the landscape of combat sports in the process.

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