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Francis NGannou’s Devastating KO of Alistair Overeem “Holy Shit!” Says Bisping

Michael Bisping on the Francis Ngannou KO of Alistair Overeem

Following the devastating knockout by Francis Ngannou of Alistair Overeem at UFC 218. Michael Bisping gives his thoughts on that and the future of the fast-rising heavyweight. With such a decisive win over a veteran like Overeem. There can be little doubting NGannou’s position as the number one contender in the division.

With the current division champion Stipe Miocic in contract talks with the UFC. There isn’t any solid sign of when any potential fight may take place between the two huge men. However, once we see some type of clarification from the UFC on Miocic’s future. It shouldn’t take long before we see scheduling of the bout.

For his part, Bisping was extremely impressed by the speed and ferocity by which Ngannou executed his gameplan. The hard-hitting man from Cameroon was able to easily stifle Overeem’s attempt to put him up against the cage. Before he got into the swing of things and landed a jaw-breaking uppercut. Which had the former K-1, Strikeforce champion out cold before even hitting the canvas.

The question now is how will he look against Miocic. With the power on his side, one of the few viable options for Stipe may be to get Ngannou to the ground. It’s a part of his game which is perhaps his weakest point. And as such should be targeted by the experienced Miocic.

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