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Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor – Post Fight Analysis – Coach Zahabi

Mayweather vs McGregor Post Fight Analysis

Coach Firas Zahabi gives us his post-fight breakdown for Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor. Following on from his first post-fight thoughts. He now answers the most popular questions and comments from fans. And gives us his thoughts on boxing fans vs MMA fans in terms of negativity toward the other sport.

Coach Zahabi gives his thoughts on Conor’s game plan. And how his putting too much on his shots led to him gassing out in the later rounds. Firas also talks about how Mayweather walked forward during the fight. And that before the fight, Floyd had said that he wanted to give the fans an entertaining fight. How he wanted to make it up to the fans for the Pacman fight.

He talks about how and why Conor could not maintain that same pace from the beginning of the fight. He simply not trained to punch that much over that length of time. Firas breaks down McGregor’s punching power, adding that it’s not simply about who punches the hardest in the fight.

He also talks about McGregor tying up Floyd in the clinch. He believes that it was McGregor forcing Floyd to turn his back and not Mayweather turning. A really nice technique by all accounts.

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