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Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor Pre-Fight Analysis Part 2 – Coach Zahabi

Mayweather vs McGregor Coach Zahabi Pre-Fight Analysis

Mayweather vs McGregor Pre-Fight Analysis Part 2 with the head coach at Tristar Gym Firas Zahabi. Who gives the second part of his breakdown and analysis of Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor.  You can check out part one of the breakdown here. As the fight is now booked it’s time for Firas to answer your most popular comments and questions! Coach firstly looks back and talks about the Nate Diaz 2 fight. A fight which he believes Conor won, but via a very slim margin.

His reasoning behind why he believes Conor won was down to him winning the third round by a wafer-thin margin. It wasn’t a route as some fans like to think. He was getting outboxed in the later rounds and the same thing may happen against Floyd if it goes the distance.

Zahabi gives his thoughts on the clinching game of Mayweather which he says pales in comparison to McGregor. With Conor training in wrestling and Jiujitsu for many years. His clinch game is far stronger than that of Floyd.

Coach Zahabi talks about how McGregor can make it a dirty fight. He clarifies that he’s not telling him to cheat. But simply to use tactics which will upset Mayweather Jnr. To be as physical as possible and bully him in the ring. Conor will be the bigger stronger athlete and he needs to show that!

Floyd is a 12 Round Fighter

Firas reckons that Floyd may very well allow rounds one and two to go. As he is a 12 round fighter, he’s going to use the initial few rounds to work out what McGregor has got in terms of power and skills. So that he can then adapt his game plan in real-time. He’s is the master at that.

Coach also talks about Conor’s left-hand vs Mayweather’s chin. And answers the question as to whether it will be as potent in a 10oz glove. All that and much more…

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