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Floyd Mayweather Senior Fights – Like Father Like Son Boxing Footage

Footage of Floyd Mayweather Senior Boxing

You know that timeless saying, Like Father Like Son? Well in terms of elite World-class boxing, that may not be more true than when it comes to Floyd Mayweather Senior. And his son, the legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather Junior. Senior boxed professionally from 1974 through to 1990. Amassing a record of 28 – 6 -1 inside the ring.

Mayweather became known as one of the best defensive boxers of his generation. A skill he would pass on to his own son Mayweather Junior. A skill which is credited for turning his son into one of the greatest and most successful boxers in the history of the sport.

Floyd Mayweather Junior reigned across five weight divisions and earned multiple World Championships. Going 49 – 0 before retiring from boxing in 2015. A record only ever equally by the great Rocky Marciano.

But it was his father’s own skill as a boxer and a trainer which elevated the World champion to become one of the all time greats. And from the footage you see here, we can get at least some insight into the style and ring craftsmanship of Mayweather Senior. Which he would later pass on as a trainer.

Mayweather’s Final Challenge

It was Senior who made the now famed Mayweather shoulder roll, part and parcel of his arsenal. In a style which was meant to make other fighters punches be deflected away from their target. Thereby minimising the damage taken by the fighter.

It’s a style which his son took on board and made his very own. Slipping and moving, throwing the jab and getting out of harm’s way. Although not making for very exciting fights. It was extremely successful and helped lead Mayweather Junior to greatness.

Coming out of retirement he now faces into his 50th fight as a professional. And looks to cement his legacy as the greatest boxer of all time. Can he blow past this latest challenge, as many boxing purists predict? Or will he be tested in ways he has never before seen? History has yet to be written, but history will remember him none the less.

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