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Floyd Mayweather Sr. Crashes Conor McGregor’s World Q&A

Floyd Mayweather Senior. Crashes The Conor McGregor World Tour Press Conference

UFC lightweight Champion Conor McGregor addressed the media following his World Tour press conference with Floyd Mayweather. During the presser, boxing coach Floyd Mayweather Sr crashed the media room and berated McGregor. The two exchanged words with McGregor having some fun wit the irate father of Floyd.

The pair went back and forth as McGregor joked with Senior that he thought he was Junior. And as the father of Floyd goes more and more rattled. McGregor decided to up the war of words and berate the elderly boxing trainer. Conor plays on what he believes will happen during their fight and let’s senior know. Informing him that his son is now in deep trouble.

Floyd Mayweather Senior Says, McGregor Will Lose

Of course, Floyd Senior takes the bait and tells McGregor that he is the one who will lose. He is the one that will be knocked out and not his son. But McGregor is having none of it as he tells the father of Floyd that they got greedy. And by getting greedy, his perfect 49 – 0 record in boxing is now under threat.

It’s a hilarious back and forth between the two, of which McGregor gets the upper hand. But senior still tries his best to inform the UFC champion that he would lose to any of his son’s opponents, including Shane Mosley. To which Conor replies that Shane Mosley if ninety years old.

For all the world it seemed like some light-hearted fun. But behind it, all is a dead-serious message, that this fight is now on. And that only one of these two elite competitors will emerge the victor. When they finally meet for their boxing vs MMA crossover fight. What we do know is that we find out August 26, 2017, who will have the bragging right after the dust has settled.

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