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UFC, MMA Fighting & Combat Sports Lifestyle

Floyd Mayweather Sr on Floyd Mayweather Jr ‘s Childhood and Showing Him Off

Floyd Mayweather Sr. talks with Amer Abdallah about the childhood of his son Floyd Mayweather Jr. he discusses what kind of childhood the multi time world champion had, outside of the ring. With a father and uncles who were both famous boxers. How was he treated in the neighbourhood by his peers. And did Floyd get into any fights outside of his boxing training?

Senior goes into detail about what type of child Floyd was. And he would take him around to the bars and clubs in the stroller, showing him off to his friends. While the young Floyd would mimic his fathers fighting style, even as a baby.

Floyd Senior talks about how even as a young baby, only a few months old. He would get his son and start holding his arms like he was throwing punches. The one day, when Senior came home. He found Floyd doing the same thing all by himself. Throwing punches, just like his father had shown him.

Senior talks about how no one would believe him when he told them what his son would do. As everyone knows all father are proud of their son. Junior takes on MMA superstar Conor McGregor tonight in Las Vegas Nevada. In a boxing crossover mega-fight which looks to break many records.

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