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FLOYD MAYWEATHER EXCLUSIVE: Full Interview with Snoop Dogg

Floyd Mayweather on The Snoop Dogg Show

Floyd Mayweather is a champion among champions. The legendary boxer boasts an impeccable 49-0 record. Against greats like Oscar De La Hoya, Manny Pacquiao, and Miguel Cotto. But “Money,” as he’s known, is equally revered as a businessman. In a vicious and often cruel sport that has chewed up many fighters and spat them out punch-drunk and penniless. Mayweather, considered by many to be the greatest defensive fighter of all time, has protected himself out of the ring as expertly as he has in it.

Having made a point to learn from the titans of the boxing industry, he’s transformed himself from an employee into a nine-figure boss. Who owns every aspect of his fights as well as those of the boxers he now promotes. Mayweather has a mastery of marketing, wringing the most he possibly can out of a bout, and nobody makes the sport of boxing work for them as he does.

His Next Big Fight vs Conor McGregor

His latest fight is no exception. This Saturday, August 26, Mayweather comes out of retirement at age 40 to fight 29-year-old Irish spark plug, Conor McGregor. An MMA star transitioning to boxing so two of the biggest, brashest personalities in the fight game can meet and get crazy paid. The chances Mayweather improves to a perfect 50-0 against the inexperienced pugilist are high. But no matter what happens it promises to be one of the craziest spectacles the sport will ever witness.

In an exclusive GSPN Special interview with Snoop Dogg, Floyd discusses the unique challenges that the younger, versatile McGregor might present. The business of being an athlete and how to make money that lasts for generations. Why strip clubs make great investments, how much he thinks about sex while training for a fight. And his lifelong abstinence from drugs and alcohol. What he has to say may surprise you, so watch for the hook.

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