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Floyd Mayweather- Roger Mayweather Classic In Fight Cornering

Floyd Mayweather – Roger Mayweather Classic In Fight Tips

Boxing great Floyd Mayweather has fought some 49 men in his career as a professional boxer. None of which have managed to be able to work out the Mayweather puzzle. Now, although boxing is an individual sport. it requires a team of dedicated teammates to elevate the fighter to the best possible position.

In the case of Floyd, its people like his uncle Roger Mayweather who have helped to propel his career into that next level. Here we hear from the man himself inside the ring. What he tells his fighter in the midst of battle. And what we might expect to hear come fight night August 26th. When he faces an unknown quantity in Mixed Martial Arts superstar Conor McGregor.

Floyd Mayweather Faces Conor McGregor

All in all, these are some classic in fight tips and adjustments from the main cornerman himself. The jury is still out as to who exactly will be in Floyd’s corner come fight night. But we assume it may be either his father or Roger. All very much depending on the current situation within the family.

August 26th sets the scene for the biggest fight of our generation across all combat sports. Let us just hope it actually lives up to these high expectations and that both men exit the bout safe and sound. As we wonder which of the brothers will be cornering Floyd in the megafight vs a mixed martial arts fighter?

With an on-off relationship between the three, we are ofter at odds to try and figure out where they currently stand. But we have no doubt that whether or not they are in the corner on fight night. Their combined years of advice to their boxer will once again produce results inside the ring. But, we shall have to wait until the fight itself to see if that will be enough.

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