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Floyd Mayweather: Live Media Workout for Mayweather vs. McGregor

Floyd Mayweather Pre Conor McGregor Fight Open Workout

We go live to Mayweather boxing, the home of Floyd Mayweather junior. As he opens up for an exclusive workout as he prepares for his megafight against Conor McGregor.

Gone will be the questions about how does Floyd look at 40. Is his timing off in any way? How does he look physically and is he mentally prepared to go to war on August 26th?

With so many differing opinions on who will win the fight. The odds are heavily favouring a Mayweather victory. His fans and boxing pundits alike have been pretty unanimous in their agreements that Floyd will exit the bout as the winner.

Floyds sparring partners too, many of which are also world¬†champions have been saying that he is on point. He’s sharp and his punches are powerful. McGregor has never faced a guy like him before.

Don’t Box Floyd Mayweather

How does a guy who has never boxed professionally win a fight against one of the greatest p4p fighter who has ever lived?

Those who air on the side of Conor have an argument that he will not try to box Floyd. He is, in fact, going in there to fight the American boxer. His movement, his distance, his timing. These are all things which Floyd will not have ever seen before.

Floyd is a master at making world-class fighters look like amateurs. His style has been impregnable for two decades. But always against traditional boxers. How will he fare against a guy who may very well throw all of that tradition straight out the window?

Opinions are like sphincter’s, everyone has one. And most of the time are more than willing to use it. The opinion I mean. We have to wait until August 26ht on Showtime PPV to find out the truth. The whole truth and nothing but the truth on this one.

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