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Floyd Mayweather Full Interview on Jimmy Kimmel

Floyd Mayweather Talks Conor McGregor On Jimmy Kimmel

Boxing great Floyd Mayweather Junior joined Jimmy Kimmel to talk about Conor McGregor and their upcoming fight. As per usual Mayweather had money on his mind and talked about what the UFC pays their fighters. Mayweather also went into detail about what he will make from the super fight.

“I’ll Make $350 million from Conor McGregor fight”

As well as that Floyd gives details on his camp, what he thinks of McGregor and his chances. And the guys talk about all the different strange betting options available for the fight. Of course for Floyd, this is all about the money and it’s hard to see past the night itself. What Mayweather truly thinks about McGregor’s chances against him are up for discussion. But we think it’s best to leave that to the oddsmakers who have their own ideas on the matter!

As ever Floyd is super, even casual about this fight. And there is little doubt he believes he will deal with the MMA fighter pretty easily once inside the ring. he also answers the question as to whether he actually likes McGregor to which he replies no. Kimmel goes off on a bit of a tangent asking about them becoming friends after the fight. Then jokingly asks if he would make love to him …

Regardless of what is said before the fight, it will be one if not the biggest pay per view card in history. And Floyd feels like he needs to give something back to the fans after his fight with Manny Pacquiao. And with 360 million dollars on the line. We as fans sure do hope that both he and McGregor come through and put on a show worthy of the price tag. Make sure to tune in on August 26, 2017, live from the T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas for all the action.

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