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Floyd Mayweather Dog House Fighting “You Fight Till Whoever Quits”

Floyd Mayweather Has Boxers Fight Until One Quits

Boxing p4p great Floyd Mayweather in gym unsanctioned boxing bouts have become infamous. They can best be described as a trial by fire, where up and coming boxers try to forge their name and stamp their claim.

Thereby gaining the respect of the main man himself, Mayweather Jnr. This particular fight was the one which got Floyd and his gym into a lot of hot water with the State athletic association.

When amateur prospect Donovan Cameron, travelled all the way from Manchester England to impress Floyd. But unable to goad one of the gyms pros into a fight. Up steps 18-year-old Sharif Rahman, son of former two-time world heavyweight champion Hasim Rahman. The fight doesn’t turn out well for the young upstart, who’s handed a severe beating by the travelling Brit.

When asked about the Dog House Floyd Mayweather says  “It’s about pushing these fighters to the limit. And when we say push it to the limit… We truly believe there is no limit.” Going on to say”. The rules are, you fight till whoever quits.”

Later on that day, in arrives Sharif’s mom and older brother, Hamsin Rahman Junior. Who is determined to take revenge or his younger sibling. At the time the entirety of the drama was caught by Showtime boxing cameras. Who were in-house to document life in the Mayweather gym.

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