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Floyd Mayweather v Conor McGregor: Ricky Hatton and Jack Marshman Discuss


Former boxing World Champion Ricky Hatton and current UFC fighter Jack Marshman. Get together to give their thoughts on the upcoming super-fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor.

Previously Hatton had been solid in his conviction that McGregor had no chance against the p4p boxer. Having fought Mayweather himself, Ricky knows better than anyone how difficult it is to even get a shot off on the 5 time World Champion.

Ricky breaks down the difference between Conor versus a traditional boxer. Because he comes from an unorthodox stance, there should be punches coming from angles Mayweather has never seen before.

Marshman agrees in the way that the mechanics are completely different from how MMA fighters fight compared to a boxer. In MMA with 4oz gloves, the fighter tends not to spend time trading in the pocket. But avoid the punches and come in with overhand looping shots.

Boxing Vs MMA Stances

Hatton talks about the differences between how when a traditional boxer goes into a certain stance. The opponent knows what to expect. Whereas in MMA, fighters tend to land different strikes on their opponent when they get into those same positions. And this is something Floyd may not be too familiar with.

But even though Floyd Mayweather has had some issues with certain fighters in the past. He always eventually susses out the opponent and McGregor may be exactly that. Give him trouble from the opening bell, but as the fight progresses. We may see Mayweather begin to get a grip on the McGregor movement.

Ricky talks about how Floyd is a young 40-year-old. A master of defence who has always looked after his body, “Unlike Me”, Hatton says jokingly. But saying that, he still is 40 and he hasn’t fought for a couple of years. Ricky thinks that if the younger McGregor who is in his prime can keep the work rate high. And get inside and hot Mayweather. That may be enough to upset him. Providing there’s a ref that will allow him to do it.

Hatton talks about the long list of boxers who haven’t been able to sort the puzzle. But now that he has thought about it a bit more. And throw some questions out there. He is giving McGregor somewhat of a chance. Even if he is still sceptical.

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