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Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor Pre-Fight Analysis – Coach Zahabi

Firas Zahabi Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor Breakdown

Tristar Gym head coach Firas Zahabi, gives his breakdown of Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor. After taking questions from fans and the Reddit community. Zahabi offers his thoughts on a selection of the most relevant questions fans have on the fight.

Answering questions like what would he tell his fighter, if they were stepping into the ring against Mayweather. What are the qualities both men have and how can they be best utilised in a boxing match. Coach Zahabi goes on to talk about McGregor having a stronger clinch game. Due to his additional training in Wrestling, Muay Thai and other disciplines.

So coach Zahabi recommends McGregor tying up Mayweather as much as possible. Be as physical with him as possible. Pushing him up against the ropes. Hold him and throw uppercuts, which are borderline illegal. Making it so that the referee has to step in to break up the fight. Rough him up, throw him on the floor, but all without getting any points deducted or disqualified.

Coach Zahabi talks about the style of Randy Couture. The fighter who really introduced dirty boxing to the sport of MMA. Being a Greco-Roman, Couture would tie his opponents up. Tiring their arms out and making it a much more difficult fight. His own striking was not top-notch, but forcing his opponents to fight the fight on his terms often got him the win.

He believes that it is really the speed advantage, which has played a huge factor in Mayweather’s 49 wins. Even though Floyd Mayweather consistently fought guys who were usually taller than him. He still managed to stay outside, even being the small man, with the shorter reach. If an opponent can take away some of that speed advantage. It would be key to gaining an upper hand in their bout.

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