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Floyd Mayweather Explains Brutal Training Regime From Childhood

Floyd Mayweather Talks About His Childhood

A short docu piece on the young up and coming Floyd Mayweather. Who as a child was very much treated by his father as a training slave. But was that the key to his success in his pro career? That is the opinion of his father who explains at least some of the reasons and gives his thoughts.

Dating back to his fight against Oscar de La Hoya. Which became the turning point, as Pretty Boy soon after turned into Money Mayweather. We get to hear from his uncles Roger Mayweather who espouses the greatness of the nephew he has helped train for many years.

Floyd talks about his growing up as a young child in the Mayweather household. An environment in which he was always surrounded by fighters. Even the family barbeques consisted of dancing and boxing. Where anyone and everyone would lace up their gloves or whatever they could lay their hands on.

We get to hear about Floyd Senior and his brother Roger. Who before turning professional, were known far and wide for their street fighting reputations. With Floyd Snr being regarded as the most feared figure on the city’s south east side.

Floyd Mayweather Jnr Becoming a Champion

Following a shooting, Senior’s career took a back seat. And he focused his energy on turning his son into a champion. With his son no more than a year old, he would hold Floyd up so that he could punch the bag in the gym.

Father coached and son obeyed, as Floyd moved quickly through the amateur ranks. With his father pushing him hard every day, Floyd was not allowed to make mistakes. And if he did, his father would soon let him know how he felt by any means necessary.

Floyd wasn’t allowed to do the things other kids would do. Play basketball, eat candy, he missed out on so much. So what the public see right now from Floyd is him being the child he never really got to be.

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