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Floyd Mayweather “I’ll Go After Conor” I Owe It to The Fans

Floyd Mayweather On ESPN Talks Conor McGregor

Floyd Mayweather joined ESPN First Take to talk about his upcoming fight against Conor McGregor. He is asked about whether first of all this is even a fight. The best in the world of boxing versus a guy who has never boxed professionally.

Floyd says that while he was away from boxing there were only two people on everyone’s lips, that of Floyd and McGregor in MMA. He talks about the reasons for him returning and that he truly never panned it like this. And how he was given a deal he couldn’t refuse. And the question on everyone’s lips again is? Will Floyd stick around if he wins this fight? The answer is no, he is through.

He has given his world to Al Haman that this is it for him. People are worried about his long terms health and it is understandable in a sport where many don’t walk away early enough.  Everything that Floyd now has in terms of money and family. It is all great, so why ruin it?

The Boxing Purists

Now boxing purists are saying what has Conor Mcgregor done to earn a shot against Floyd Mayweather, many people’s TBE? Floyd goes back to the money side of things saying that August 26th. He along with McGregor, Showtime and even the UFC will be the happiest people on earth. This is a billion-dollar fight! Mayweather says that he is going to go to Conor McGregor, he has to go to him and attack!

Floyd says that he owes the public for some of his fights and that they will be pleased with this fight. Floyd isn’t even worried if this fight is on his record to make him 50 – 0. All he wants at the end of the day is the cheque! Floyd also talks a bit about the disparaging comments made by McGregor. And how he wasn’t happy about certain things.

Mayweather thought back to all the great leader in the black liberation struggle. And how it is still going on today in society. But in his words, he is smart strong and on August 26th, he will still be that same person.

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