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You Need To Finish Him

Finish Him Mortal Combat Style

You know those movies about the days of Rome. Where Gladiators fought in amphitheatres, often to the death, as the crowd demanded to finish him! One of the key moments would be when the gladiator would look to the Emperor for yea or nay on finishing off his opponent. The Emperor’s decision was often swayed by the crowd and how vocal they were for their fighter, determining his fate.

In much the same way today’s emperors are the promoters who decide the fate of these modern-day gladiators. Will they continue to fight on for their organisation or will they be sacrificed to the Gods of second-tier promotions. Forever consigned to the dustbin of MMA history, with only a slim hope of perhaps someday getting a second bite of the cherry.

Modern Day Gladiators

These modern-day gladiators fall into very two distinct categories of those who go for the win and those who go for the finish. Those who are referred to as finishers, the ones who stalk their opponent like a lion on the plains of the Serengeti. Waiting for that perfect time to strike, bringing a quick and violent end to the contest.

I’m talking about the Matt Brown’s, Jose Aldo’s, Antony Pettis or UFC fighter Cain Velasquez. These are the fighters who put bums on seats. The ones who fill these modern days amphitheatres with crowds who want to see exciting fights and even more exciting finishes.

The other group of fighters are those who are masters of their art, most commonly ground fighters. They’re preferred choice of finish is by subduing their opponent and squeezing the life and soul out of them as an anaconda does to its prey.

Often leading to a slow painful end and unfortunately viewing. Now don’t get me wrong, as some ground fighters can be as ruthless as their striking counterparts. But as is often the case, many of their fights just simply don’t have that wow factor!

Gladiator Caesar Decision.

Fans these days are no different from their ancestors, as they too want to see finishes. And not just finishes, they want them to be devastating, definitive and spectacular.

Leaving no doubt about which combatant is the very best on that given day. Unfortunately for those competitors whose forte is not striking, but rather the latter. These slow grinding wins can often lead them to the exit door, just ask Jon Fitch.

The Top Ten Rankings

More recently a number of fighters have been making a concerted push into the top ten rankings. But for our modern-day Emperors, these grinders can be their worst promotional nightmare come true. Names such as Jake Shields, Demian Maia, Ben Askren or Phil Davis spring to mind.

With some having already been World Champions under other organisations in other disciplines. The fact doesn’t change that for many, they are not exciting fighters to watch. They do not put bums on seats and do not end fights in devastating fashion.

These fighters need to evolve and do it fast, but can they! Granted Maia and Davis has shown improvements in his striking but is it enough? There is always that niggling gut feeling, that all these guys need to do it string together a few losses and they will be cut, quicker than you can say “Wow! that was exciting.

” The last thing Dana White wants is a slow and methodical Shields, sitting on top of his division grinding out wins. Nothing grates on him more than boring fights or even inconsistent fighters (Melvin Guillard). The days of lay and pray are now behind us or at least that is most definitely the direction it is going in. As the sport continues to evolve, new fighters coming in will already be well aware that they need to be exciting to have any future at the very highest levels.

All Human Beings

Look as human beings the desire for violence pervades our very being. We see it on our TV shows, in our movies, hell even in kids computer games and we love it!. That is the “product” that sells. Makes the big moola for the guys at the top and gets those primaeval juices flowing. So bring on the of violence, bring on that climax, that zenith. As in Tekken’s Streetfighter! Bring the Lightening cannonball…the Ultimate killer head ram…Shoryureppa or Metsu Hadoken.

But whatever happens, just bring it and finish him! You have been warned.

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