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Fedor Emelianenko vs Mirko Cro Cop Final Conflict 2005

Fedor Emelianenko vs Mirko Cro cop 2005

The Pride FC heavyweight champion Fedor Emelianenko takes on Mirko Cro Cop at Pride Fighting Championships back in 2005, at Final Conflict. He is regarded by many as the greatest heavyweight to have ever lived. Here we see two of the very best in the sport finally facing off in a classic showdown. While Fedor entered the fight the favourite, Cro Cop was not too far behind him with the oddsmakers.

Regarded as one of the best fights in heavyweight MMA history. In a war in which both fighters had their moments, the champion and challenger went at one another for the full duration of the fight. As a veteran of K-1 kickboxing, Crop cop entered the fight known for his standup striking. And while Emelianenko was predominantly known as a ground fighter, having won several Russian Sambo world titles. His standup striking had improved leaps and bounds during his time a Pride champion.

Fedor vs Cro Cop Round One

The round started with  Cro cop circling to his left, always looking to land his famous left high kick. But Fedor in his preparation was well aware that this was the main weapon which he had to deal with from the Croatian. And was ready and waiting with counter strikes to try and catch Mirko off guard. 

The pair continued to exchange blows throughout the first round with Fedor seeming to follow Mirko around the ring. Cro cop seemed to be constantly looking for that one shot which would put the champion down. When around halfway through the round he caught Emelianenko with a straight left which stunned the champion.

Mirko attempted to follow up with his trademark high kick but was caught by Fedor on the way in sending him stumbling to the canvas. Emelianenko followed up as the fight was taken the ground. With Fedor in Mirko’s guard, the round continued until the end, as he attempted to land punches from the top.

Round Two

Round two continued in the much the same manner, as he circled the ring, Emelianenko continued to stalk Cro cop. Throwing some wild shots Fedor appeared the aggressor, always pushing back the Croatian. Until two minutes left when an exchange led to once again the fight ending up on the ground. 

Round Three

Starting on the feet the champion continued with his gameplan as he pushed the challenger backwards. With some wild exchanges, using a trip, Fedor manages to get Mirko to the ground. Staying in his guard, Emelianenko continues to rain down punches on Mirko, inflicting more damage. But with just a few minutes to go, they are eventually stood up by the referee.

The fight quickly ends up on the ground again, but it’s not too long before the referee wants the fighters back on their feet. And the fight once again repeats itself before the final bell rings in this all-time Pride Fighting classic. In a fight where Emelianenko did enough to win by decision. It’s the kind of fight that an MMA fan can show to a non-MMA fan to get them hooked!

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