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Fedor Emelianenko vs Jaideep Singh – RIZIN

Fedor Emelianenko vs Jaideep Singh Full fight

So the great Fedor Emelianenko made his return to competition last night at the RIZIN New Years Eve show against Jaideep Singh. The event which took place at the Saitama Super Arena in Japan, familiar territory to the former PRIDE heavyweight champion. Who was aiming to make a successful comeback after a number of years away from the sport. See how he fared his first time back inside the ring in Japan since 2011.

Up against a fighter the vast majority of the MMA world had never heard of before was not a good look. We would have expected  Fedor to face someone with some name recognition, however, its the fight game and opponents are often handpicked for very specific reasons.

But it has to be said that Singh gave a pretty good account of himself. As the Indian entered the match on paper with no ground game. So once the action got started, Emelianenko got him to the ground pretty quickly.

Fedor Takes It to The Ground

But Jaideep did not look like a fish out of water and did attempt to defend against Fedor’s attack. But against one of the best ground fighters in the world period, against a multiple-time world Sambo champion? It simply wasn’t going to happen!

And Fedor quickly capitalised on his top position, fully mounting his opponent and began to rain down punches. And while Singh did attempt to get up, it wasn’t going to happen. As Fedor managed to push off and give himself some space, landing punches to the face of Jaideep as he went.

Quickly realising there was no way out of the situation and being pummelled with punches, Jaideep quickly tapped to strikes. Signalling the return to form for The Last Emperor Fedor Emelianenko. How he will look going forward is yet to be decided. But for a return fight after a long time out of action, he didn’t look too shabby.

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