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Fedor Emelianenko vs Kevin Randleman PRIDE Critical Countdown 2004

Fedor Emelianenko vs Kevin Randleman Full Fight Video 2004

The Last Emperor Fedor Emelianenko versus Kevin Randleman in PRIDE Critical Countdown 2004. In yet another classic from the PRIDE fighting championships. Randleman came into this fight soon after the death of his father to take on the PRIDE heavyweight Champion Fedor. And before the bell had even rung we could tell that The Monster was already psychologically in the zone.

Although entering this fight the underdog, it was never going to be an easy fight for the champion. To date, Emelianenko had gone undefeated in Pride FC and now it was Randelman’s turn. And everyone knew exactly what the wrestler turned MMA fighter brought to the ring. With explosive power and athleticism, Randleman was a specimen. And we get to see from the initial staredown how much Fedor respects his opponent’s skills.

When the bell finally rang to open the round the two immediately locked horns. As Randleman forced Emelianenko back to the ropes, the pair fought for position before Kevin manages to get Fedor down to the ground. And as the grappling continues for an instant, what happens next has gone on to become one of the most iconic moments in MMA history.

The Greatest Slam In MMA History

As Fedor tries to scramble to his feet, Randleman sinks in a hold and throws Fedor in the air. Slamming him to the ground with one of the dangerous slams in all mixed martial history. A move in which Emelianenko could have easily snapped his spine. But instead methodically worked his way into a superior position. The Russian cyborg manages to reverse Randleman and begin to rain down punches from the top.

Then as Kevin tries to defend his face from the blows, Fedor finally manages to sink in an arm lock and force the submission. In one of the shortest, while at the very same time one of the truly greatest moments in MMA history. A fight all fans need to see to witness the undeniable talents of Fedor Emelianenko. And understand why for many he was the greatest MMA heavyweight to have ever competed.

Now in the latter years of his career, Fedor has gone on to lose fights he would have easily won in his heyday. And as fans, we can only imagine what some of the matchups would have been like if he had fought in the UFC. Perhaps in another life or dimension, until then we can just sit back and enjoy The Last Emperor in his prime.

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