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Fedor Emelianenko Best of Finishes

Fedor Emelianenko the Very Best Highlights and Finishes

For many fans of mixed martial arts, there is one fighter who will forever be referred to as the greatest to ever compete, that of Fedor Emelianenko. With a professional record of 34- 4, Fedor reigned as the greatest heavyweight on the planet for the best part of a decade.

A product of the Russian Rings MMA promotion, between the years of 2000 and 2002 he amassed a record of 10 – 1. With his first professional loss coming at the hands of Japanese fighter Tsuyoshi Kosaka. The fight was given to Tsuyoshi due to an accidental cut to the eye which Fedor received and is still to this day disregarded by many as a true loss.

Fedor signed with Pride fighting championships in 2002 and proceeded to go on one of the most dominant winning streaks in the sport. With 16 consecutive wins against a who’s who of heavyweight talent. Including Mark Coleman, Kevin RandlemanAntonio Rodrigo NogueiraMirko Filipovic and Mark Hunt.

Between 2007 and 2011, Emelianenko would go on to move between a number of promotions. Before losing three consecutive fights under the Strikeforce banner. With those losses, Fedor only then ever fought three more times and all in Russia where it all began. Officially retiring from competition in 2012.

Fedor The Last Emperor

For many, the mystique of the man was as engaging as his fighting prowess. With very little known about the stoic Russian. All manner of theories and to a certain degree, conspiracies, arose around the man and the myth. Where did he really come from, what was his background and could he be beaten. Many pundits and fighters alike have commented that Emelianenko’s opponents were beaten even before entering the match. Although it is fair to say that the man himself perhaps never spoke a word in anger against anyone he faced.

Now with talk of him returning to competition, at 38 years of age. How will the Fedor of now compare? What might a return to the cage look like for the last Emperor. The once unbeatable heavyweight who was always considered a little on the smaller side and carrying a few extra pounds.

Could he return as a light heavyweight and test himself against the best that division has to offer. Or will he once again jump in the deep end with the big sharks of the heavyweight division? Whether you want to see it or not. If it happens there is no doubt we will all be watching to see the outcome.

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