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UFC, MMA Fighting & Combat Sports Lifestyle

Fan’s Dream of “Sparring” with BJ Penn Fulfilled UFC Gym Grand Opening Miami

Here we can see a very lucky fan who is a Muay Thai coach along with his students who were with him. We are not sure if he was a coach of UFC’s Gym, but none the less it was still a dream come true for him to spar with MMA legend BJ Penn. Had to change the audio because the DJ was playing music that would’ve killed this video.

Penn is of course on of the most famous mixed martial artists of all time and a UFC Hall of Famer. Having fought in some of the earliest UFC events, going on to become the first pinup fighter for the promotion and the sport, even before the UFC welterweight legend Georges St Pierre. Who of course also beat Penn back at UFC 58.

Let’s take a look as this MMA pioneer makes a fans day as the two go toe to toe, while BJ Penn was making a special appearance at the new UFC gym opening. Has he still go it or is he now past his time in the sport? Let’s take a close look at the outcome to see how the two performed when they met.

T: twitter.com/MMAmicks

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