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FAKE BJJ Blackbelt Jay Queiroz EXPOSED

Yet another FAKE BJJ Blackbelt EXPOSED

Jay Queiroz of Team Jay Queiroz Martial Arts in Marlboro, NY claims to be an “IBJJF recognised Blackbelt“. Here he is exposed by BJJ Brown belt Mike Palladino and his students. Jay had a whole load of supposedly training videos on his youtube channel which has since been deleted.

Seems as though these people who pretend to be black belts need to go find another sport to try and fake. Why this super technical and elaborate martial art, when there are so many experienced people out there just waiting to out you and maybe teach you a lesson while they are at it.

We find it fascinating that people chose to try and pretend they are at a certain ranking when it comes to jiu-jitsu. When you consider that a fellow black belt, or even worse a red belt could enter the gym and aks to roll.

How do you explain the cat that your grappling skills suck? It is either someone who is extremely deluded or with an extremely low IQ or perhaps both.

Fake BJJ Coach Exposed

In this video we see the fake BJJ black belt confronted by a brown belt who has been training for ten years. Who before attending the gym was able to find videos of Coach Queiroz rolling and striking. And it was obvious from the beginning that he was not a real black belt at all.

So once the guys had gotten comfortable and done some rolling they finally decided to confront him. And the fake jiu-jitsu practitioner was unable to refute the allegations that he was not, in fact, a trained black belt at all.

It really is quite bewildering when you see these types of people and their mindset. More than happy to pretend they are something they are not and take money from paying students. Who on top of all that, have been trained by someone who does not truly know what they are doing. So many months if not years of wasted time on the mats right there.

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