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Fake BJJ Black Belt Gets Found Out by Real Bjj Black

Black Belt Exposes Fake Black Belt

Achieving a black belt in BJJ takes years and years of dedication and hard work. For someone to try and pretend they are one is probably one of the most insulting things you could do to a legit black belt holder. This guy is so lucky this ended well and that he didn’t infuriate the trainer in his own gym.

Perhaps this guy had some kind of psychological issues or maybe he’s just an out and out liar and this is just one example of that, who knows. But either way, people, stick to what you are and what you know or you WILL always end up being found out in the end. Here an actual blackbelt Ruben Alvarez exposes the fake BJJ player.

It’s a pretty sad situation that someone feels they can fake this type of thing with others. If there is one sport where you have to know every intricate detail of your craft it is Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Like a soldier who steals other valour by pretending to be a war veteran. This is the exact same thing in terms of BJJ. Glad to see this guy being publicly called out in front of the world.

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