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Fabricio Werdum vs Fedor Emelianenko – UFC 198 Breakdown

Fabricio Werdum vs Fedor Emelianenko submission breakdown

In one of the biggest upsets in the history of the heavyweight division, Fabricio Werdum ended Fedor Emelianenko’s 27-fight win streak back in Strikeforce June 26, 2010. Hear Werdum’s jiu-jitsu coaches break down the performance as they go through one of the most memorable wins in mixed martial arts history.

As per usual Fedor entered the fight as the favourite, but for a change, it was not going to be his night. Werdum came into the fight knowing in his mind that he had the skills to beat the Russian phenom. But as Fedor open the fight in his typical blitzing style, it looked like things may not go quite as the Brazilian had expected.

However, it wasn’t long before the world and ADCC jiu-jitsu world champion was able to get Emelianenko into his guard. And when it comes to ground-game, being caught in the guard of Werdum is not somewhere you want to be. And as the former Pride FC champion struggled to escape, it wasn’t long before he finally sank in the triangle which trapped the head and arm of Fedor.

And as Fabricio squeezed the submission in even tighter, the MMA legend was forced to tap out, sustaining his first loss in 27 straight fights. Such a memorable night in the world of combat sports. And one which Fabricio Werdum will forever be remembered for by the MMA Gods.

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