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Fabricio Werdum vs Cain Velasquez UFC 188 Full Fight

Werdum vs Velasquez In Mexico UFC 188

Remember back when Fabricio Werdum was challenging Cain Velasquez for the UFC heavyweight title at UFC 188? Mexico, high temperatures, high altitude.. the rest is history. Well, now Werdum is no longer the champion and faces Travis Browne in the co-main event at UFC 203 on September 10.

Check out his fight against Velasquez where he grabbed the heavyweight title. In a fight, many saw the writing on the wall, as the champion had decided not to train in Mexico. And as a result, was not well-prepared to deal with the energy-sapping conditions when fighting at such a high elevation come fight night in Mexico City.

Cain Velasquez Stayed in California

While Velasquez had decided to complete his camp at AKA in California. Werdum upped sticks and moved his entire camp to the mountains outside Mexico City. With the intention of getting acclimatised to the high altitude long before the fight itself happens. and it appears to have paid off as come fight night it was Fabricio who was able to deal with the high pace at the high altitude.

Cain Velasquez arrived in Mexico just a few days before the fight. Perhaps believing that he would deal with his opponent quickly and there would be no need to go into the later rounds. But Werdum had other ideas and forced Cain into that deep water. Sapping his energy and gas tank and finally forcing him to tap in the third round. Let’s watch how the fight progressed and how exactly the champion wilted in Mexico.

Will Cain be able to recover from his loss and regain his heavyweight title? Let’s watch the fight to see just how he lost and what affect that might have had on the reigning champion. As new champion is crowned at UFC 188 and the belt goes back to Brazil.

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