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Frankie Edgar vs Holloway UFC 240 Dogs of War


There may have been a time that this fight would have been labelled old school vs new school. As the current UFC champion, Max Holloway was not too long ago, that guy on the rise, with all the potential in the World. Frankie Edgar, of course, has been there done that, he may have even written a book on it at this point.

For the Answer Edgar, this will be his umpteenth bite of the Championship cherry. Having taken the lightweight title back on April 10, 2010, beating BJ Penn via decision. Frankie held it for almost two years and three defences, before finally losing it to Benson Henderson.

Having been there or thereabouts in terms of rankings, Edgar is in the running for the most title eliminator and title fights in UFC history. It feels for all the world like he has been in nothing but those type of fights. And it is a testament to how long and at what level the New Jersey native has been around the fight game.

But even with a clear decade between the two in terms of age. Both men have a hugely impressive resume’s, with at least one distinctive difference. This fact will make it interesting for the UFC betting sites in Canada to predict who will win and of course to decide what odds to give to each fighter.

In that, while Frankie failed in his attempts to overcome p4p great Jose Aldo, Holloway was successful on both on occasions. But that is a conversation for another time!

Can Frankie Edgar Strike While The Iron Is Hot?

Max Holloway Vs Frankie Edgar Faceoff Pre Fight.
Max Holloway and Frankie Edgar face off

Now that these two seasoned vets finally face off. It truly has to be Frankie’s last chance to regain some UFC gold. And with Max Blessed just coming off a loss to Dustin Poirier in their Interim lightweight title fight.

One could argue that this is the perfect time for Frankie Edgar to strike and finally regain what he has been chasing for the last half of his UFC career. having Holloway coming in as the favourite, it’s a tough ask for the Answer.

These are two battle-tested dogs of war, who bring their own signature styles to the matchup. How this clash of kinetic energy will finally play out inside the octagon we do not know. It’s sure to be a dazzling display of blazing speed and non-stop action. And with two full tanks and everything to play for it should be a fight to remember. Maybe even the crowning jewel on Edgar’s career?

All eyes on Edmonton for the main event, as history is once again written inside the UFC octagon. Determining whether Waianae Hawaii will see the return of its 145lb champion. Or Toms River gets to see it’s very own return of the King.

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