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Eddie Bravo vs Marcelo Garcia – Rolling in NYC

Eddie Bravo and Marcelo Garcia rolling.

Eddie Bravo Rolls With Marcelo Garcia

10th Planet founder Eddie Bravo rolling with perhaps the greatest BJJ practitioner in the world Marcelo Garcia. At Marcelo’s gym in New York City. We have to preface this footage by saying that both of the guys had already been rolling for around an hour. Eddie Bravo makes a sweep and a nice twister attempt, with multiple great passes by Marcelo to finish.

Awesome to see the respect between these two and an impromptu talk at the end by Bravo. Where he describes his first time seeing Marcelo on the mats. And how he equates Garcia’s arrival into the sport as the second coming. These two practitioners are very much pioneers in itself.

And while both are still young men, both have brought their very own changes an adaptations that have helped BJJ to evolve. Not doubting the two men have fed off each other’s knowledge and styles as they have developed and matured through the years. Always with time for their students and fans, there can be little doubting their positions in the annals of history. Great stuff all round from both men.

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