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Eddie Alvarez Breaks Down the Fight vs Conor McGregor & Exposes Him

Eddie Alvarez Breaks Down Conor McGregor

The UFC Lightweight Champion Eddie Alvarez breaks down the fight vs Conor McGregor. And in his eyes exposes him by saying that his fights, “its always against weak guys.” Alvarez is preparing to take on McGregor and defend his lightweight belt which he took from Rafael Dos Anjos at UFC Fight Night 90. a title fight on a Fight Night card, really shows you the types of numbers these guys bring in.

The former Bellator Champion see holes in McGregor’s game. And believes he has what it takes to defeat the featherweight Champion. McGregor is moving up a division in order to try to take the second belt. Making him the first fighter in the history of the Ultimate Fighting Championships to hold two belts consecutively.

Alvarez has other plans and intends to hang on to the title for some time to come. In the interview, he espouses that McGregor always fights weak guys. And that he is not the same as his previous opponents. Can McGregor shock the World and grab a second title. Which will no doubt make him into the biggest star we see in the sport today. We shall see come November 12th, 2016 at UFC 205. When two of the very best 155lb fighters on the planet face off. In the first ever UFC in New York city.

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