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Dustin Poirier vs Anthony Pettis countdown Full Episode

Poirier vs Pettis Full Countdown UFC Norfolk

UFC lightweights Dustin Poirier and Anthony Pettis face off at UFC Norfolk. In what would be the promotion’s debut in Norfolk Virginia, we would be treated to a night of awesome action across the board. With the former lightweight champion Anthony Showtime Pettis taking on top contender Dustin The Diamond Poirier.

We go behind the scenes as both men prepare to meet inside the octagon. To decide who will get one step closer to a shot at the 155 lb title. And with a growing family, we get to hear from Dustin why he is determined to push forward and claw his way to the top of the division.

From street fighter to a top contender in the world’s number one MMA promotion. It’s been a long and tough road for the fighter and his family from Louisiana. Entering the UFC as a featherweight in 2011, Poirier would eventually make the move up to lightweight where he would once against proving successful.

But in his next jaunt into the octagon, he will be facing one of the most talented and flashiest fighters in the sport in Anthony Pettis. With the former champion looking to deal decisively with the rising star. And once against stake his own claim to a spot at the very top of the sport.

Being the former WEC and UFC lightweight champion. There can be little doubting the pedigree that Anthony brings to the fight. And in his upcoming battle in Norfolk Virginia, he is determined to show the world that he is still a top contender at 155 lbs.

Pettis Losing The Lightweight Title

But following the loss of his title to Rafael Dos Anjos in 2015, it’s been somewhat of a bumpy road. Losing three of his next five fights, along with big product endorsements. Pettis is a fighter who still very much believes he can regain his former glory. But in order to do so, he has to decisively beat Dustin Poirier.

And The Diamond is in no mood for playing along with whatever gameplan Pettis has in store. With a no contest in his last outing, against another former champion in Eddie Alvarez. Dustin is hell-bent on making an example of his opponent and proving once again that he is the better fighter and his long-overdue shot at UFC gold.

But Showtime is not taking Poirier lightly and is hard at work bank in Milwaukee. Working under the tutelage of his longtime coach Duke Roufus. He is busy sharpening his tools as he prepares to make it two in a row and quickly move on to his next challenge. And with his mind now focused more on his martial arts, both living in and outside of the octagon keeps improving.

With his coach now believing that the old Showtime is back. Leading to a new lease of life and perhaps another run at the title. His upcoming fight is an opportunity to solidify his progress. And once again put the lightweight division on notice.


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