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Dustin Poirier Comments on Nate Diaz’s Boxing Match and Potential UFC Rematch

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Dustin Poirier and Nate Diaz share a long-standing history, although their anticipated clash at UFC 230 in 2018 was canceled due to Poirier’s injury. Despite engaging in social media disputes and expressing interest in fighting each other, they never had the opportunity to settle their rivalry before Diaz left the UFC in late 2022 to explore new avenues.

Diaz is now preparing for a high-stakes boxing match against Jake Paul on August 5 in Dallas, marking his first appearance after leaving the UFC. Poirier expressed his satisfaction with Diaz’s success, stating that he always wanted to fight him and hopes he receives the desired outcome and financial compensation, regardless of the organization.

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In the past couple of years, Poirier actively campaigned to be Diaz’s final opponent in the UFC when Diaz made it clear he wanted to fulfill his contractual obligations. However, Tony Ferguson was ultimately chosen for that role, and Diaz secured a win over him before entering free agency after a card reshuffling caused by Khamzat Chimaev‘s weight miss at UFC 279.

Although Diaz and the UFC parted ways amicably, there remains a possibility of future collaboration between the two parties. Nevertheless, Poirier doesn’t hold high hopes for the Diaz fight to materialize again.

Poirier admitted his interest in observing the outcome of Diaz’s boxing match against Paul, which is scheduled exactly one week after Poirier’s rematch against Justin Gaethje at UFC 291 on July 29. Poirier aims to be in good health to travel from his Louisiana residence to Dallas’ American Airlines Center, where the fight will take place. Regarding a prediction, Poirier believes that Paul has the advantage due to his youth, size, and speed. Despite acknowledging Diaz’s experience and unique boxing style in MMA, Poirier recognizes that Paul’s dedication, resources, and explosiveness could prove challenging for Diaz.

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