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Dricus du Plessis Vs Derek Brunson (Middleweight) UFC 285

On March 20, 2021, Dricus du Plessis faced Derek Brunson in a middleweight bout at UFC Vegas 22. This was a highly anticipated matchup, as both fighters were coming off impressive wins and were considered rising stars in the division. Here are 8 paragraphs about the fight.

In the first round, Brunson was able to land a takedown early on and control du Plessis on the ground for much of the round. However, du Plessis was able to get back to his feet towards the end of the round and landed some significant strikes on Brunson, showing that he was not out of the fight yet.

Du Plessis came out strong in the second round, landing some heavy strikes and showing off his impressive striking skills. However, Brunson was able to weather the storm and eventually secured another takedown. Du Plessis was able to get back to his feet again, but Brunson was able to control him against the cage and land some significant strikes of his own.

The third round was a back-and-forth affair, with both fighters landing some significant strikes and showing off their skills. However, it was Brunson who was able to secure another takedown and control du Plessis on the ground for much of the round. Du Plessis was able to get back to his feet towards the end of the round, but it was too little, too late.

In the end, Brunson was awarded the unanimous decision victory, with all three judges scoring the fight in his favor. While du Plessis showed flashes of brilliance throughout the fight, he was unable to overcome Brunson’s superior wrestling and control on the ground.

Despite the loss, du Plessis received praise for his performance and showed that he is a promising prospect in the middleweight division. He also earned the respect of Brunson, who praised his toughness and skills after the fight.

For Brunson, this victory solidified his status as a top contender in the middleweight division and put him one step closer to a potential title shot. He has now won four straight fights and is considered one of the most dangerous fighters in the division.

Overall, the fight between du Plessis and Brunson was an exciting matchup that showcased the skills of two talented fighters. While Brunson was ultimately able to come out on top, both fighters earned the respect and admiration of fans and fellow fighters alike for their performances in the octagon.

The fight also highlighted the importance of wrestling and grappling in MMA, as Brunson’s superior wrestling was a key factor in his victory. This serves as a reminder to all fighters that a well-rounded skill set is crucial for success in the sport.

It will be interesting to see where both fighters go from here, as du Plessis looks to bounce back from his first UFC loss and Brunson continues his quest for a title shot. One thing is for sure, however: both fighters are sure to put on exciting performances in their future bouts.

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