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Dricus du Plessis Vs. Brad Tavares (Middleweight) UFC 276

Dricus du Plessis and Brad Tavares fought in a highly anticipated middleweight bout at UFC 264 on July 10, 2021. Both fighters came into the fight with impressive records and were eager to prove themselves on the big stage. The fight was the second bout on the main card, following the highly anticipated trilogy fight between Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier.

The fight started off slow, with both fighters feeling each other out in the first round. Tavares looked to establish his jab and keep du Plessis at bay, while du Plessis looked to land his powerful right hand. The first round was relatively uneventful, with both fighters landing some strikes but neither gaining a significant advantage.

The second round saw du Plessis pick up the pace and start to land some significant strikes. He landed a big right hand that rocked Tavares and followed it up with a flurry of punches. Tavares was able to weather the storm and survive the round, but it was clear that du Plessis had gained the upper hand.

The third round saw Tavares come out more aggressively, looking to turn the tide of the fight. He landed some good shots early on, but du Plessis was able to weather the storm and continue to land his own shots. As the round wore on, it was clear that du Plessis was in control and Tavares was struggling to keep up.

In the fourth round, du Plessis landed a huge right hand that dropped Tavares to the canvas. He followed it up with some ground-and-pound, but Tavares was able to survive and get back to his feet. However, he was clearly hurt and struggling to defend himself.

In the fifth and final round, du Plessis continued to dominate, landing strikes at will and keeping Tavares on the defensive. Tavares was able to survive to the end of the fight, but it was clear that du Plessis had won a dominant decision victory.

The win was a huge moment for du Plessis, who had made his UFC debut just a few months earlier. It was also a disappointing loss for Tavares, who had been on a two-fight win streak coming into the fight.

Overall, the fight was a showcase for du Plessis’ striking skills and toughness, as he was able to weather some early adversity and dominate the later rounds. Tavares fought hard but was ultimately outmatched by du Plessis’ superior striking and power.

53 / 100
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