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Drew Dober Speaks on Paddy Pimblett Fight Snub

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In the lightweight co-main event at UFC 282 on the 10th of December, Paddy Pimblett prevailed over Jared Gordon to win. Many people are still talking about the contentious co-main event that took place at UFC 282. Despite Paddy Pimblett’s victory, most people believe Jared Gordon should have gotten the nod instead.

In a related turn of events, an Omaha-native fighter named Drew Dober has stated that the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) will not allow him to battle Paddy Pimblett after his debatable win.

Dober entered his name into the competition in the hopes of competing against the rising star from Great Britain. It never came to fruition, and as a replacement, the promotion decided to book a match with Jared Gordon.

“UFC will not let me fight him,” Dober told reporters at UFC Fight Night 216 media day on Wednesday. “Let’s be honest. We watched his last fight. We know what I’m capable of. That’d be a fun one. I just want to fight in London at that O2 Arena. So if Paddy says yes, I’m all for it. But we all know. We got Dana, UFC, and all those – they won’t let that happen.”

“My opinion on the entire matter is there’s something to star power in the judges’ decisions.

“We’re watching octagon control and effectiveness and all this other stuff – star power is something you’ve also got to get over. So when you’re fighting a guy as big as Paddy, you’ve got to do more than just five more punches.”

What’s Next for Dober?

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Dober is concentrating on his next confrontation with Green since this is another fight that gets him pumped up. Although some people may have doubts about Green’s clean status following his return from a ban imposed by the United States Anti-Doping Agency for using a tainted supplement, Dober is completely unconcerned about the matter.

“It’s rough. Cross-contaminated supplement is a thing,” Dober said. “I’ve seen that. I think Bobby made a mistake, but he didn’t intentionally make a mistake. I don’t think I’m fighting a steroided, chemically performance-enhancing Bobby Green. I think it was just an error, and he had to pay his punishment. But I don’t think he did it intentionally. I think he’s a natural, clean fighter. He’s been fighting for the longest time. So I’m not worried about it at all.”

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