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Dominick Cruz Dominates TJ Dillashaw in Trash Talking

Dominick Cruz Rips TJ Dillashaw in Trash Talk

The Dominator Dominick Cruz sat down to face off against the current UFC bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw on UFC TV. Here is a taste of what Cruz had in store for the former Team Alpha Male fighter in the Trash Talking department. The two face off on January 17th when the former champion Cruz will look to regain his title after sitting on the sidelines for a number of years due to injury.

The superconfident former number one reckons he has TJ’s number, but we shall have to wait and see. But here we see a compilation of some of his best moment. As Cruz consistently rips the current champion in the buildup to their championship fight.

While TJ is no doubt an outstanding fighter, he is not the best guy to have on the mic. Especially when he is up against someone like Dominick who is one of the best thinkers and trash talkers in the business.

Dominick Cruz Rips TJ Dillashaw To His Face

And right here we have an outstanding compilation of some hilarious head to heads between the two. And from what we see, if this was a battle of wits and not a fight inside the UFC octagon. There can be very little doubting that Cruz would have this fight well and truly won already.

So before the fight itself, let us take a closer look at these two facing off. And enjoy just how well Dominick Cruz was able to dominate TJ outside of the octagon. And after watching we cannot wait to see these two guys finally meet and throw down for real.

But until that happens, let’s just enjoy the war of words. And watch as to how for the most part how the current champion crumbles under the pressure brought on by Cruz and his intimidating verbal assaults.

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