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Dominick Cruz Opens Up After Cody Garbrandt Loss on JRE

Dominick Cruz Discusses Loss to Cody Garbrandt Loss

Former UFC champion Dominick Cruz discusses his loss to Cody Garbrandt Dominick talks about the mental aspect of fighting and how showing his other side after the fight, showing he can accept his loss and embrace it, without making excuses. It’s all about growing from the experience.¬†Instead of deflecting from what they did wrong, a lot of fighters try to blame external factors. Not accepting the loss. There’s no logic in making excuses in the sport or in life.

Talking about Dominick’s mind and how he breaks down fights and how his mind works overall. He says it’s all down to how his mom raised him, never allowing him to make excuses for things he did wrong on purpose. How it puts him in this weird mindset where he doesn’t make excuses.

His loss to No Love, how did he feel? It’s was a hard year after being out for almost 3 years. He breaks down his conditioning coming into each of his last 3 fights. Talking about Cody’s hands from his boxing career and why that makes him so good. It’s an interesting and insightful look into the mind of the former champion Dominick Cruz. As he looks to establish himself once again in a division that has moved on while he was out injured.

And with so many injuries in his career what is next for the Dominator? As his career behind the mic continues to grow, will he still look to compete inside the octagon or make the permanent switch to the much more comfortable tv role? He leaves no stone unturned in this long-form interview with Joe Rogan, as the two talks all things MMA, UFC and life in general on the JRE Experience podcast.

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