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Derrick Lewis Vs. Blagoy Ivanov (Heavyweight) UFC 244

In a battle that promised explosive power and relentless determination, the heavyweight juggernauts Derrick Lewis and Blagoy Ivanov squared off in an electrifying showdown at UFC 244. The Madison Square Garden arena in New York City played host to this highly anticipated clash, as fans eagerly awaited an epic encounter between two fighters known for their devastating knockout ability and unyielding spirit. Let’s delve into the details of this unforgettable matchup that left fans on the edge of their seats.

The Road to UFC 244:

Derrick Lewis, fondly known as “The Black Beast,” entered the fight with a formidable reputation as one of the most feared knockout artists in the heavyweight division. Known for his immense power and incredible durability, Lewis had previously faced and triumphed over some of the division’s toughest opponents, including Alexander Volkov, Francis Ngannou, and Travis Browne. Despite suffering a setback in his last fight against Junior dos Santos, Lewis was determined to bounce back and put on a show for his fans at UFC 244.

Blagoy Ivanov, a former World Series of Fighting champion, possessed an equally impressive record coming into this fight. Ivanov had showcased his skills in various promotions before making his way to the UFC. Recognized for his exceptional Sambo background and well-rounded skill set, the Bulgarian fighter aimed to climb the heavyweight ranks by toppling the experienced Lewis.

The Clash of Styles:

The matchup between Lewis and Ivanov presented an intriguing clash of styles. Lewis was notorious for his one-punch knockout power, often relying on his heavy hands and explosive strikes to finish his opponents. Ivanov, on the other hand, showcased a more technical approach, utilizing his Sambo background to establish a dominant clinch game and control his opponents on the ground.

The Fight:

As the bell rang, both fighters wasted no time in engaging with aggressive intent. Lewis displayed his characteristic explosiveness, throwing thunderous punches with the intention of ending the fight early. Ivanov, aware of the threat, showcased his technical prowess, utilizing footwork and counterstrikes to avoid Lewis’ power shots. The fight quickly turned into a back-and-forth battle, with both men landing significant blows that kept the crowd on their feet.

In the second round, Lewis managed to land a colossal right hook that sent Ivanov crashing to the canvas. However, Ivanov displayed incredible resilience, refusing to succumb to the knockout blow. The Bulgarian fighter weathered the storm, showcasing his durability and determination to stay in the fight. In the later rounds, Ivanov attempted to implement his grappling skills, attempting takedowns and controlling Lewis on the ground. Despite his efforts, Lewis managed to defend well and maintain his striking dominance.

The Verdict:

After an intense three-round war, the judges’ scorecards were brought into play to determine the winner. In a closely contested battle, Derrick Lewis emerged victorious, earning a hard-fought unanimous decision. Both fighters displayed tremendous heart and skill, making the fight an unforgettable spectacle for the fans in attendance.


Derrick Lewis vs. Blagoy Ivanov at UFC 244 was a battle that exceeded expectations and delivered a thrilling display of heavyweight combat. Lewis showcased his trademark power, while Ivanov exhibited his technical prowess and resilience. Ultimately, it was Lewis who emerged triumphant, solidifying his position as one of the division’s most dangerous contenders. The fight serves as a testament to the relentless spirit and explosive power that make heavyweight matchups so captivating for mixed martial arts fans worldwide.

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