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Derrick Lewis – By the Bootstraps

Derrick Lewis – By the Bootstraps Short Bio

A funny yet telling look at “The Black Beast” Derrick Lewis. And the ups and downs in his turbulent life, which has led him to be a top contender in the UFC heavyweight division. By the Bootstraps, runs us through Lewis’s life story from growing up in a violent household. Where his stepdad took out his anger on his mother.

Something Derrick had to endure until he reached an age where he began to fight back. Before he and his mother finally fled to Houston Texas. Where in another turn of events, Lewis was regularly goaded into fights with local street thugs. Normalising violence in every area of his life.

Sometime later he found himself in a relationship with an older woman. But when her ex-husband found out. He chased down Lewis and attempted to pull a shotgun on the 19-year-old. Lewis managed to avoid being shot while handing a severe beating to the man.

A beating which resulted in Lewis going to prison for five years. Serving three and a half after a probation violation. It was a time in his life that Lewis says changed his outlook and led him to where he is today.

While training in boxing, he was spotted by the former world heavyweight champion George Foreman. And a career in the sport beckoned. But Lewis had already been introduced to MMA! And after his first fight, decided it was for him. He won then defended the Legacy heavyweight belt, going (9-2), before finally being picked up by the UFC. Something he had dreamed about while being in prison.

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