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Deontay Wilder & Punching Power || A Brendan Dorman Film Study ᴴᴰ

Is Deontay Wilder the hardest puncher ever?

After his recent 7th round destruction of Luis Ortiz for the second time, the only question mark potentially left in the career of Deontay Wilder would be Tyson Fury, who certainly gave Wilder a run their first go-round. With Joshua v Ruiz 2 on the horizon, it seems like a rematch with Fury or potentially the victor in the aforementioned battle will be next or at least the most important, upcoming fight for Deontay.

I’d like to focus on some subjective material regarding the god-like power of Wilder and some of the potential reasons for it, without getting too nerdy. Power, or better yet, punchers, are often debated as “Nature v Nurture” or pondered as power; “Born or Made?” among many other debates that have been around as long as punching has. I’m more of the opinion that it’s likely 75-25 Born vs. Made in regards power.

What makes Wilder such an interesting case study is his frame: 6’7″ on a slight frame with an 83″ reach certainly doesn’t conjure images of former heavyweight power kings like Foreman or Tyson. In fact, long framed right hands were certainly in the arsenal of Hearns, and there have been some murderous punchers at lighter weights like Julian “The Hawk” Jackson.

So while I’m not going to do this to debate the source of power of any of the aforementioned, I intend to demonstrate why Wilder’s touch of death seems to work so often and with more variability than you may have thought previously. Enjoy, cheers.

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