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Denise Gomes Sets Fastest Finish Record in UFC Strawweight History at UFC 290

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Denise Gomes of Brazil was pleasantly surprised to learn that she had set the record for the fastest finish in UFC strawweight history during her fight at UFC 290. Gomes knocked out Yazmin Jauregui in just 20 seconds, improving her record to 2-1 in the octagon.

Speaking to the media after the fight, Gomes expressed her excitement about the record-breaking achievement. She had high hopes of making an impact in the UFC, but to start off with such a notable feat was a pleasant surprise for her.

Despite being considered an underdog in the fight, Gomes remained unfazed by the doubters and emphasized her determination to win regardless of others’ opinions. She respected her opponent but had full confidence in her abilities to come out on top.

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Gomes was not aware of Jauregui’s previous wins against Brazilian fighters, so there was no specific motivation for her to avenge her compatriots. She focused on performing to the best of her abilities and showcasing her skills.

Having handed Jauregui her first professional loss, Gomes is eager to continue her journey in the UFC and demonstrate her evolution as a fighter. She looks forward to her next opportunity to compete and wants to keep showcasing her growth with each fight.

Reflecting on her experience at International Fight Week and the atmosphere of UFC 290, Gomes acknowledged the heightened energy and surreal atmosphere surrounding the event. She had prepared herself to stay focused despite the excitement, and while it was an incredible experience, she remained grounded in her approach.

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