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UFC, MMA Fighting & Combat Sports Lifestyle

Street Fighter Aerial Combo In MMA ● A Gamer Is Our P4P King | Demetrious Johnson

Demetrious Johnson And His Crazy Flying Armbar

When we think of Gamer’s, we typically think of weak and scrawny guys in their mom’s basement. But what happens when you take the high reaction time mind of a gamer and give it to a mixed martial artist like Demetrious Johnson. The legendary P4P king Mightymouse, doing aerial combos in real life is what happens.

As we saw in his fight with Ray Borg. Johnson pulled off some Matrix-style moves which you simply do not see in other fighters arsenals. No doubt heavily influenced by his love of video gaming. Mighymouse bridges the gaps between the world of combat sports. And out of this World moves from the make-believe digital domain.

Join Mindsmash as he dives into the Demetrious’s domain in the World of gaming. We learn what DJ gets up to online in that other world of online gaming. And how it may have affected his fighting style inside the UFC octagon. Mighty mouse often displays feats rarely if ever seen inside the cage and perhaps now we know why.

T: twitter.com/MMAmicks

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