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Demetrious Johnson ‘Mighty Mouse’ Video Breakdown / Study

Demetrious Johnson ‘Mighty Mouse’ Film Study / Highlights

Demetrious Johnson, after his recent bell to bell domination of consensus #2 125lb. Mixed Martial Artist in the world, John Dodson, solidified the idea I was already floating a bit that he may very well be the best p4p fighter on planet earth right now.

It is very difficult to find any flaws in his game. And a very honourable and important mention/credit to all of his success must go to mastermind coach and former competitor Matt Hume. Who has developed an incredible teacher-student relationship with DJ.

Here I tried to focus on all that I could without making this a 30-minute breakdown. While many people want footwork breakdowns, the more “open-field” footage you look for, the more you risk copyright issues. So while I did focus some on his footwork, I would have to do an “MMA footwork” breakdown that was stand-alone to do the subject in and of itself any justice. Thanks for watching, cheers!

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