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Demetrious Johnson Breaks Down The Matrix Against Wilson Reis

Demetrious Johnson Entering The Matrix

Undisputed record-equalling UFC flyweight champion of the world Demetrious Johnson. Breaking down what it’s like to operate in the Matrix in his title defense against Wilson Reis at Fight Night Kansas City. Yet again Mightymouse showed why he holds the number one p4p spot with his beautiful destruction of the challenger.

Reis is a highly respected Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu blackbelt who some thought had a chance against DJ. But Johnson is amongst the very best fighters to ever grace the sport. Sitting on top of the UFC pound for pound rankings. It will take more than a fighter who is excellent at BJJ to dethrone the rounded fighter in the game.

Demetrious Johnson has looked unbeatable for many of his title defences, barely losing around. And in his entire career, Mightymouse has only ever lost three times. And it has to be said from this person’s viewpoint that at least one of those was a dubious L. Next up for the 125lb king is anyone’s guess. even possible a super fight… Cruz, McGregor anyone?

How long will he remain in the UFC flyweight division, or even more to the point? How much longer will the UFC flyweight division survive? With rumours spreading about its imminent demise, is there a future there for the p4p King. Or will he have to search for greener pastures in the mixed martial arts world? Do we hear One Championship is looking for some new talent?

So let us watch the UFC flyweight champion, Demetrious Johnson, doing what he does best. And blowing through Wilson Reis like a hot knife through butter.

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