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Darren Till and The Story so Far

Darren Till And The UFC Middleweight Future

Liverpudlian Darren Till made a big statement when he took out top ten ranked Donal ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone at UFC Fight Night 118. His brash pre-fight confidence had many guessing if he would be able to back up his words inside the cage at UFC Gdansk.

But back them up he did at 4 minutes 20 seconds into round one with a TKO stoppage over the favourite  Cerrone. Having most definitely made a statement, the man from Merseyside quickly began to take aim at other fighters in his midst. Calling out Mike  Perry, after the two had been previously scheduled to fight.

Soon after Till offered his services to face down top welterweight contender Stephen Thompson. So that in his words, he could show the world that he is the “superior striker.”

The British MMA Invasion

Unsure of the current options, who we wonder, will be next in line to test Darren Till. He seems game to take on anyone, regardless of rankings. Simple wanting to prove to the world what he truly believes. That he is the best fighter in the world! Only time will tell as we follow the career of Britain’s latest talent to make waves in the sport.

With a rich history of fighters from which to draw inspiration. Where once it was dark, the future now looks bright as the UK once again sends crop of fighters to the UFC to shake up the MMA landscape. How will Till fair, will he shine or will he be exposed to the biggest stage in world combat sports?

Where British fighters like the former middleweight champion The Count Michael Bisping and Ross Pearson formerly led the UK invasion. It’s now up to fighters like Till, Edwards and others to carry the torch. It’s a fascinating time to be a British MMA fan and we look forward to seeing what the future brings.

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