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DARREN TILL “The Future” – Dana White | 63-0 The Next MMA Superstar

Darren Till Is The Future

With 63 Wins and 0 Losses in Thai boxing, the UFC President Dana White calls Darren Till “The Future” of the sport. As the man at the top of the UFC for over a decade, those words hold tremendous weight in the world of mixed martial arts. As Till looks set to make a huge impact on the sport at welterweight.

But as we know only too well, what has happened time and time again is that some new faces often get pushed to the front too early. Often turning from a nobody to a somebody overnight, with all the weight of the UFC promotional machine behind them.

We would hope that Darren Till is one of those same fighters who were touted to be the next big thing, only to soon after falling at one of the earliest hurdles!

Following on from his explosive start in the sport the fighter from Liverpool England exploded on to the world scene. Along the way taking out one of the sport’s veteran’s in Donald Cowboy Cerrone.

Can he still maintain the same ferocity as he moves up the ladder toward a shot at the very best the division has to offer? Only time will tell as British fans wait with bated breath for their fighter to prove his worth inside the UFC octagon.

But right now all we can do is sit back and watch as the fighter from Liverpool England does what he does best. Taking on whoever the UFC put in front of him in his quest for the welterweight championship.

So let us take a closer look at who he is and what he is all about. Championship material or not, we will soon find out as he faces the very best in the ultimate testing ground that is the Ultimate Fighting Championships.

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