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Daniel Cormier vs. Frank Mir Full Heavyweight Fight

Daniel Cormier vs Frank Mir Full Fight

Heavyweight Daniel Cormier makes his UFC debut taking on established UFC vet Frank Mir, at UFC on FOX 7 in San Jose. Despite a weight and height advantage to Mir, it was Cormier who imposed his will in the fight. Using his Olympic level wrestling to manhandle Mir up against the cage.

With Frank Mir being very confident entering into the fight, believing that Cormier would not be able to handle his size. It was interesting to see how the smaller Cormier would deal with the former UFC heavyweight champ. But in true DC style, we soon saw his Olympic level wrestling paying dividends as he out grappled the submission specialist.

With round one being the Cormier show, he got Frank up against the cage and began to pummel the body. Controlling Mir DC used his wrestling and superior hand speed to dish out some punishment. And as the round came to a close, we could already see that Mir was taking the majority of the damage.

Daniel Cormier Looked Fresh Throughout

The second round continued like the first, with some striking exchanges, followed by Cormier getting Mir up against the cage. Forcing the former UFC heavyweight champion to breath hard as he tried to fight off the smaller man. DC also managed to get off some really nice shots whenever the clinch was broken.

The third rounds saw Cormier landing some beautiful punches and knees, softening up the body of Mir. But Frank soon came back with his own flurry of shots and looked like he may regain some momentum. But DC soon had him tied up again against the fence, making him pay for any and all mistakes.

It appeared as though Cormier was in no way phased in his debut fight for the promotion. Already holding the Strikeforce heavyweight belt, the AKA fighter was in no way a stranger to big night fights. And it was to be the first of many successful nights inside the UFC octagon for Daniel Cormier, the future Hall of Famer.

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